What's Phlay?

Make your own interactive video

Phlay is a technology to gamify interactive video experience and to allow audiences creates their unique version of a video content surfing through multiples storylines. It allows advertisers to present their brand more effectively and in a fun way.


Increase in time Spent

In a world full of video it's important that viewers stick around. Interactive content significantly increases time spent, time after time.



Audiences typically recall content that is interactive compared to the same video without any interactivity.


Purchase intent

If your video is designed to help you sell more, shoppable and interactive video is the perfect match for your video strategy.

Why use interactive video?


Phlay interactive ads are engaging. If you give users something to do, instead of merely having them sit back and wait for a clip to be over, they’ll be more likely to interact with an ad and take in its content.


Phlay interactive videos can be ridiculously cool and something users are likely to remember – and even share with their friends.

Phlay Tools


The tracking possibilities should make this format particularly attractive for mobile advertisers. With Phlay interactive videos, they can monitor exactly what digital audiences are doing with these ads and use this data to steer marketing strategies. Where are viewers clicking? Which elements do they find most compelling?


Phlay Interactive videos come out from human performances. No two phlays will ever be the same.

Creative Solutions

A selection of Phlay Interactive Experiences

San Francisco – Food Tour
JEEP – Interactive Spot
Protetto: Bohemian Rhapsody

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